P. B. A. I.
Professional Bail Agents of Idaho Inc.

 Together we strive toward excellence   for success in the new  millennium!"

   PBAI is an association that stands behind it's members. Representing Idaho Bail Agents since 1989 . 



The Professional Bail Agent is the main instrument though which the right to freedom before trial is practically applied.  This function imposes obligations beyond ordinary private enterprise. It imposes grave social responsibility to which the Bail Agent should dedicate himself or herself, and for which the Bail Agent should prepare diligently. The Bail Agent, therefore, must be zealous to maintain and improve the standards of the bail profession and share with fellow Bail Agents common reponsibility for the integrity and honor of the Bail Profession.


Every Bail Agent pledges to conduct his or her business in accordance with the Code of Ethics adopted by this Association.




 PBAI Why Join?


 The Professional Bail Agents of Idaho, Inc. would like to invite you to join our bail association.

 Maybe  you are wondering about the benefits of joining. If you are currently a member you already

 know  the benefits of being a part of this great group of professionals. We encourage you to renew

 your  membership for 2016 before December 31, 2016 to be a voting member.

 If you have been a member in the past but have not participated recently  please consider rejoining

 the association. Times are changing and along with it the bail industry.
 Now more than ever we need full participation by all Idaho Surety Agents so PBAI can continue to
 be an effective voice for the Idaho Bail Industry. To newly licensed Surety Bail Agents and other
 Surety Bail Agents who have never considered joining PBAI … read through this newsletter, visit our
 website at pbai.net, or ask a member about us. Membership provides so many benefits, not just on
 a professional level, but a personal level as well. Feeling like you are not alone in this business is
 truly priceless!

 Bail Agencies and Surety Insurance Companies, we have a membership designed especially for you!    

 Stay informed about issues concerning the Bail Industry in the state of  Idaho and the Agents who work here. Show your agents you support the Professional Bail Agents  of Idaho! All others, if you have an association with the bail profession such as Lawyers, Courts, Law Enforcement, Bail Enforcement, or whatever the case may be, checkout our associate  membership for individuals and our company memberships for groups agencies, or (non insurance) companies.



Maybe you are asking yourself why would I want to join the Professional Bail Agents of Idaho? After
all, membership in an association usually involves a commitment of time and money. With so many
other obligations pressing in on your busy life, is one more commitment really worth it? PBAI
members believe it is. They take advantage of all that PBAI has to offer them and in turn, they share
their knowledge and ideas with other members. PBAI is an association which represents your interests to the business community and  government. When Idaho Agents face major threats and challenges PBAI is here, helping you. PBAI gives you an opportunity to participate actively in promoting legislation and rules which will advance the bail profession. It will also give you a voice in combating legislation and rules which may harm you as a Agent and the bail industry as a whole. We are the voice of the Idaho bail industry in the Idaho Legislature and we have proven ourselves as such through our successes in the Idaho legislative arena. PBAI provides members with the opportunity to discuss their mutual problems, probe new directions and share and criticize each other’s thoughts, all with a high degree of respect and candor. PBAI produces a bi-annual newsletter full of PBAI business, upcoming events, humor, bail trends, legislative news, court happenings, bail trends, legislative news, and covers all the issues which concern all of us in the bail industry. 

PBAI has a web site pbai.net which contains a calendar of upcoming events, bail law, county jail directory, upcoming legislative alerts, bail news, criminal and court news, bail humor, a member’s message board and a lot of great links for other helpful and informative web sites.

One of the greatest pleasures of being a member of the Professional Bail Agents of Idaho is being able to participate in conventions and thought provoking continuing education courses led by successful peers as well as regionally and nationally recognized experts in a wide variety of fields, all which apply directly to surety bail Agents. You cannot get that online!!




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